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Studio Vlog | Storage Room Sneak Peek!

Studio Vlog | Storage Room Sneak Peek!

We have been working on our storage room for a while and we finally took some time to organize a few things! Here is a quick instagram reel showing some new updates to our Studio Storage Room.
ps. This blog post contains affiliate amazon links. This means if you click on my link and chose to purchase anything i have suggested, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. Little things like this help support and grow my small business, help fund my coffee addiction and helps to put a HUGE smile on my face. I truly appreciate it! 

Abbicreates Studio Storage Room Sneak Peek 

Abbicreates Studio Storage room Sneak Peek
check out our instagram reel! 

All of our storage space items are from Amazon! If you are looking to grab some of the items in my photo, I have linked them down below! 



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