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Tampa Bay BUCS Collection by abbicreates

Tampa Bay BUCS Collection by abbicreates

The BUCS collection by Abbicreates is here and ready for you to shop! There are 3 new designs and in total 5 designs for the complete collection! You can grab these designs on a range of products from T- shirts to stickers! Check out the 3 new designs below and don't forget to comment your favorite design! 

Bucs Football Design 

GO BUCS football design illustration by Abbicreates Studio | Football illustration | tampa bay buccaneers football | Tampa graphic designer
What inspired this design ?
"I created a similar design last year for the Bucs an it was really popular. I wanted to recreate that same design since there was nothing really wrong with it. I just wanted to give it a small refresh and make it feel like it was part of a collection!" 
How long did it take to make? 
"This design took about 20 mins to make. since I already knew what the design was going to be, it wasn't too time consuming. 

Bucs Pirate Ship Design

BUCS Pirate ship illustration design by Abbicreates Studio | Tampa bay Artist


What inspired this design ?

With the Bucs being pirates , I was actually inspired by Gasparilla! It's a boat  parade that happens every year in Tampa Bay, and it's really fun and colorful. I wanted to bring elements of that into the design while keeping it similar to the other designs. 

How long did it take to make?

This took me well over an hour. I had a creative block mid-way trying to figure out how I was going to make this look unique. 

Bucs Helmet Design 

bucs helmet illustration by Abbicreates Studio | Tampa bay artist, illustrator

What inspired this design ?

This was inspired by the football design . I knew I wanted to create a new helmet design, but the goal was to make it look drastically different from the other designs. I feel like this is actually a bonus design because it incorporates two designs in one! 

How long did it take to make?

This took me about 45 mins to complete.


Whats your favorite designs from the collection? Feel free to leave a comment below and Let's chat!

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