Abbicreates Studio

  • What exactly is Daisy and Pat and what will you sell??

    Wandering whats all this buzz about Daisy and Pat?  yeah .. we're shouting it from the rooftops because we are so darn excited! We are all in our ...
  • Storytime! How did we pick the name Daisy & Pat?

    We get this question all the time , " who is Daisy  and who is Pat? " so it makes the MOST sense to tell you guys all about it in quick Storytime! We have also added a reel at the end for you to listen if you prefer! Okay let's get to it, Storytime! How did we pick the name Daisy & Pat?
  • Top 3 must have tech for creative small businesses owners

    If you are thinking of starting a creative small business or maybe you have started one already, there will be some tech items you will need to sta...
  • Personalized Christmas illustration | Make your gift be the most memorable!

    The holiday season has begun, and with covid causing a shipping delay for most gift companies; everyone is turning to the small businesses and bout...
  • Big news from the world of BOSS BABES

    Mark your calendars for November 5th at 7am EST, because something VERY exciting is going to happen!

    That’s the day Daisy & Pat launches, which is my very first label for Abbicreates Studio!

    It's a fun Accessories line catered to the Young Entrepreneur, the Organized CDW (Career driven woman) & the travel tech obsessed! . Let me tell you ... from everything I’ve seen, this is going to be HUGE!