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Top 3 must have tech for creative small businesses owners

Top 3 must have tech for creative small businesses owners

If you are thinking of starting a creative small business or maybe you have started one already, there will be some tech items you will need to stay on track! Its 2021, we have the ability to open a business right from our bedrooms without holding a single item of inventory! Let me tell you my top 3 must have tech items for my small business! 

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ps. This blog post contains affiliate amazon links. This means if you click on my link and chose to purchase anything i have suggested, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. Little things like this help support and grow my small business, help fund my coffee addiction and helps to put a HUGE smile on my face. I truly appreciate it! 

My top 3 must have tech products I use in my small business

First of all you will need either a laptop or tablet/iPad. In my case I had both from University days, but after starting up my business I was able to upgrade to the latest devices. I'm a APPLE girl, I love my PC too but my personal preference is to use a MacBook. I switched to a MacBook my freshman year of college and never looked back. I understand these can be pricey for sure, but you should invest in something you will 100% create value from. 

1. What device will be the main hub for your business?

I currently use a MacBook air for majority of the maintenance things in my shop. That would be anywhere from sending things to the printer, touching up any last images in photoshop, and organizing images for product listings!

Any laptop can do these things so i'm not necessarily encouraging you to grab a MacBook Air, although I do think its going the be the most affordable option when it comes to Apple Laptops.

I also use an iPad pro 12.5 inch, I originally had the first generation iPad pro  but chose to upgrade once my business took off. This is my baby, and frankly where all the creative magic happens. If you are an artist and you are looking to start your own online t shirt store  or art print store , you will need a device for drawing your designs.

In my opinion the iPad pro with the apple pencil is simply unmatched! 

I have created new designs on my iPad everyday for the past 7 months and i’m LOVING everything about it! 

If you want to grab the same one I have, you can grab it here. 


2. What will you use to take your product photos? 

I literally take every single product photo on my iPhone 12 pro max. You can look up hundreds of youtube videos to find out ways to maximize the three amazing cameras on the back of the phone. 

Use the portrait mode to get a really fun blurred background effect on your product shots! 

Alternatively, you can use a professional camera. I have 3 DSLRs that i've collected over my lifetime but honestly I don’t recommend  them over your iPhone or android with a good camera. Between switching out lenses and holding lots of memory cards ... no .. All you need is a little photography training  via the power of YOUTUBE, and theres no need for professional cameras honestly! 

top 3 must have tech products| small business must have products | top products for small businesses

Heres a little small business tip for you! - When you are taking your product shots outside using natural light , use the regular iPhone photo setting with LIVE photo turned on. This way you are getting TWO in one content for your biz. You can take a photo of you product and then turn that photo into a short 3 second video with your built in iPhone settings! BOOM easy IG story content! I like to take all those little video clips and combine  them into fun behind the scenes IG Reels!


3. What kind of printer should you get? 

Now this is something you really need to take some time to think about, and decide what works best for the kind of business you are going to be doing. I have a professional printer that i invested in 1 month into owning my business, because my Mom's office jet was not cutting it for me! Plus the ink was EXPENSIVE!

The exact printer I use is the Canon ix6820. I researched about this printer for weeks before buying and felt it would really give me that professional looking/quality print! 


The printer is not all, you also need to research and test out what kind of paper you would like to print on and chose what works best for you and your printer settings. 

If you are planning on starting a sticker business on Etsy/Shopify, go for it! You wont need my specific printer though, I think any inkjet/laser printer will work for stickers.

You also need to think about what you will use for label printing. you CAN use the professional printer for that, but thats a waste of ink. Get yourself a THERMAL PRINTER!

I personally use a Rollo printer and its a game changer! You can use it to print your shipping labels, shipping stickers, packaging stickers and at the right settings you can even print photos! (black and white of course)

If you are planing on having a drop-shipping store or print on demand store, you wont need a printer! You just design your products, set it up on your drop-shipping platform, make the money and keep it cycling sis!

So there you have it, my top 3 must have tech items for my creative business! 

Hopefully this helped you make a few small business decisions, and if you are still undecided on whether you want to open a business, honey what are you waiting for? Just remember procrastination brings in ZERO dollars... 


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